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Möbius is a unique Ukrainian company that is engaged in the recycling of rubber and plastic products as well as the production of useful resources: synthetic oil, carbon sorbent and metal construction materials.


Tire Recycling

We accept used tires from motorcycles, cars, utility vehicles and agricultural machinery, as well as polymeric materials.

Used tires are considered to be a hazardous waste of class IV and thus subject to mandatory recycling.

Natural decomposition of waste tires takes more than 100 years and poses many potential dangers. They can contaminate groundwater and are not only flammable, but once ablaze, extremely difficult to extinguish. Because of its chemical composition, it is also quite difficult and expensive to dispose without bringing harm to the environment.

It takes 35 liters of crude oil to produce rubber for just one tire, so every dumped tire means another 35 liters of wasted oil.

Recycling is a turnkey solution to all these waste management problems.

We see these problems as opportunities to set a new standard for the waste management, renewable energy production and sustainable local economic growth.

As of today, the Möbius capacities allow to utilize up to 500 tons of raw material per month.

Reprocessing Waste to Mineral Resources

We apply a special melting method called pyrolysis to reprocess waste materials.

Pyrolysis is the destructive distillation of organic material through the application of intense, indirect heat in the absence of oxygen so that combustion does not take place and toxic fumes are not produced. Unlike traditional incineration systems, the pyrolysis plant releases no harmful by-products or emissions.

It is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to convert wastes into biofuels and other useful resources. Here is the full list of products we get out of pyrolysis process:

  • Carbon black, which is then processed into the coal briquette or high-quality sorbent.
  • Pyrolysis gas, similar to natural gas - we use it in the melting process to heat the thermolysis unit.
  • Steel wire (or steel cord) used in the tire manufacture, is separated and transformed into pressed metal or binding wire for construction. In general, synthetic oil possesses mechanical and chemical properties which are superior to those displayed by traditional mineral oil.
  • Synthetic oil is used as a substitute for lubricant refined from petroleum when operating in extremes of temperature. It is also applicable to the production of light fuel oil or preparation of components for diesel fuel optimization.

Image of sorbent.


What we get out of 100% mass of recycled tires is as follows:
Pyrolysis Oil: 40%
Carbon black: 40%
Steel Wire: 10%
Pyrolysis Gas: 10%

Utilization of oil sludge and oily waste

Oil products and oily waste are the major environmental pollutants. They are formed while transporting crude oil and refined products, oil production, transport accidents, cleaning of transport containers, etc.

To prevent the pollution, Mobius Group offers the recycling and disposal of oil sludge produced in the process of economic activities while the production, transportation, storage, processing, use of oil and oil products; oily waste; waste, contaminated by petroleum products (oiled rags, used filters, sawdust, sand and soil); waste oil, not suitable for the intended use (including waste engine, industrial oils and mixtures thereof), etc.

«Mobius Group» Ltd. has the appropriate license (decision number 442 of 11.23.2016) of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

Utilization of used oils

Mobius Group and the network of repair shops «ATL» have initiated the launch of waste oil collection stations.

At the locations of «ATL» repair shops they will collect used motor oils, brake and cooling liquids and emulsions. Operations will be carried out on the basis of the license of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine issued on 23.11.2016 for Mobius Group for collection, storage, processing and utilization of used oil products.

Addresses of collection stations are listed at – http://mobius.ua/map


Möbius products are the result of waste tires pyrolysis, that makes our contribution to the country's ecosystem.

We advocate a civilized approach to business, when every company is responsible to society and the environment, regardless of the kind of activity.

Creating high-quality products, we are mindful of investing in the environment, and thus care about the future of all mankind.

Möbius is a member of


Our objective is to produce and recycle. Ensure the preservation of the environment due to the proper recycling of rubber goods and the production of environmental products.


We operate in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and have all the necessary licenses and certificates.

It was especially for Möbius that individual specifications for synthetic oil and carbon adsorbent have been first developed and put into operation by two Ukrainian scientific institutes.

The production of carbon adsorbent is patented.

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Certificates +ISO

We are proud to deliver the unique eco-innovations to the modern world and ensure the continued restoration of natural resources.